Bank Holiday Movie: Kasabian – Coachella One

…And then we finished up on the West coast … at Coachella.

California was insane. A week of madness: boozing and laughing, dancing and tearing it up. We tore it up. But most important was the gig, It felt like we had something to prove. Rock and Roll is dangerous when it backs you into a corner, because you become an animal. You want to show people what you can do.. We respect what being in a band is all about creatively and I suppose mentally.

It’s strange with the Coachella festival. Now they have it over two weekends. Which is great if you don’t have a great first weekend, because you can put it right the second weekend. So with that in mind, we absolutely killed the first weekend. It was huge. It surprised us. We had a very similar moment when we played Glastonbury years and years ago and we didn’t know if anyone was going to be out there because of the time we were playing.

It was late at night, half 8, it’s a big American festival, we’re an English band. Did anyone even know we were playing.? If you had a look at the poster, you needed a monocle to see us. So you peep out of the curtain, and you realise that it’s rammed and you can feel there’s something in the air… like they’re baying for it, they want us to play and we absolutely killed it. Came off, had an incredible evening.

But then two days later you go… uh, we’ve got to do that again. It’s not that you don’t want to but it’s like ‘we’ve ticked that, we’ve done that. We destroyed that place. It’s not ready again. ‘

So, we arrived. And it was hot this time, Like, seriously hot. So we spent 8 hours in a motorhome with air conditioning on in our pants (underwear). Walking around, just listening to tunes. But in a lot of ways it did us a favour because it meant that it was like we were caged, so when the door was opened to go and play the gig, we were so excited.

You know that feeling you get when you’re trapped in a room for too long. Like kids at school, wild kids, and you lock them away for so long. And they’re all fighting and taking the piss out of each other and you get wound up. It felt like that. And then someone opened the door and said ‘right, you’ve got to do it again’. And by that point, we’d had a few beers so it was like ‘right, lets go and kill it.’ So we attacked it even harder. And so it did us a favour. Because rather than go ‘we’ve already done this’, we played harder, faster, louder than before and it was even better. And I was surprised when we came off because we were all like ‘well that was actually better’. It was well better. And then after that we carried on partying through the night, which was quite something.

Sergio x”