Fan blog: Kasabian Italia – skeleton invasion in Milano Piazza Duomo.

Kasabianitalia Milan
What’s the location? Piazza Duomo. When? On May 30th. How? Kasabian Italia and their collaborators are using the social networks to publish pics and videos of people creating skull masks or wearing them while travelling to Milan. The aim is to invite all the fans who are going to the gig to wear a mask, so that the band will be welcomed onstage by a huge crowd made of skeletons. The idea was taken from the initiative promoted by the band itself on the occasion of their gig in Leeds the late August.

This is how Kasabian Italia and all the italian fans would like to welcome back Kasabian in Italy and show them their gratitude for the amazing gift.
If you’d like to join them, you can print your own mask following this link.

The troops are on fire, can you feel it coming?