Days Are Forgotten

September 12, 2011, Columbia

The first full single from the Velociraptor! album, listen to it on YouTube.

Also includes the non-album track Pistols At Dawn.

The digital version includes the Ztrip remix of Days..., featuring LL Cool J. On iTunes, it also comes with the Switchblade Smiles video.

The promo CD is PARADISE67, and the 10" vinyl is PARADISE68.

PARADISE66, if you're interested, was assigned to promo CDs for Switchblade Smiles; this wasn't released as full single, but was made available for streaming from June 7th 2011, with a video also appearing on July 15th.

  • 10" vinyl PARADISE68

    1. Days Are ForgottenListen
    2. Pistols At DawnListen
  • CD promo PARADISE67

    1. Days Are Forgotten
  • Digital EP

    1. Days Are Forgotten
    2. Days Are Forgotten (Ztrip Remix ft LL Cool J)
    3. Pistols At Dawn
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