Me Plus One

January 29, 2007, Columbia

Third single to come from the Empire album; a return to the traditional 2 CDs plus 10" vinyl formats.

New tracks include the excellent Jacques Lu Cont mix and dub of Me Plus One, Caught In Her Mind (Paradise Remix), and the Jefferson Airplane cover Somebody To Love, from the band's recent Radio 1 Live Lounge session.

In addition, the 10" fold-out 60x40 poster this time also doubles as a 2007 wall planner...

  • Mini CD PARADISE47

    1. Me Plus OneListen
    2. Somebody to Love (Live Lounge Version)Listen
  • Maxi CD PARADISE48

    1. Me Plus One
    2. Me Plus One (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
    3. Caught In Her Mind (Paradise Remix)Listen
  • 10" vinyl PARADISE49

    1. Me Plus One
    2. Me Plus One (Jacques Lu Cont Dub)
  • CD promo PARADISE44

    1. Me Plus One
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