Processed Beats

October 11, 2004, RCA

3rd full single from the band, available on 2 CD formats plus the familiar 10" vinyl.

Vinyl version came wrapped in a giant poster.

The CD-Rom section on the Maxi CD contains the full video to Processed Beats, plus 2 sections for Movement members.
First, the inventory section from the website at the time is replicated, with complete lists of members who own each item.

There was also a customisable wallpaper, allowing you to personalise it to your own ID/ Name/ Whatever. PARADISE23 is a 1 sided, white-label promo 12" that featured the Afrika Bambaataa Remix of Processed Beats.

  • Mini CD PARADISE21

    1. Processed Beats
    2. The NightworkersListen
  • Maxi CD PARADISE20

    1. Processed Beats
    2. The Nightworkers
    3. L.S.F. (live at Cabinet War Rooms)Listen
    4. Processed Beats (Afrika Bambaataa Remix)Listen
  • 10" vinyl PARADISE22

    1. Processed Beats
    2. Ovary Stripe (remix)
    3. Processed Beats (Afrika Bambaataa Remix)
  • 12" promo PARADISE23

    1. Processed Beats (Afrika Bambaataa Remix)
  • CD promo PARADISE19

    1. Processed Beats
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