Processed Beats (Demo)

November 10, 2003, RCA

10" vinyl featuring demo version of Processed Beats on one side, with side B blank except for words 'tutti a la mossa' scratched in. Vinyl wrapped in Kasabian flag, secured with 2 elastic bands.

Promo CD version packaged purely in 2 squares of white cardboard, again bound with elastic bands. Both now pretty rare; you're particularly lucky if the elastic bands haven't disintegrated with time, too.

A very small number of the 10"s were wrapped with 'wrong' flags, which had the band name printed above and below the masked-man (rather than just below it).

Most of these were recalled and scrapped, but a few snuck out...

  • 10" vinyl PARADISE02

    1. Processed Beats (demo)
  • CD promo PARADISE01

    1. Processed Beats (demo)
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