Shoot The Runner

November 6, 2006, Columbia

Released on November 6th in the UK, as the second single from the Empire album.

As ever, the 10" vinyl format came in a 60x40 posterbag, this time based around images from the rendered video. New tracks include Stay Away From The Brown Acid (Part 1), the Shakes Remix of Shoot The Runner, and Pictures Of Matchstick Men, the first ever Status Quo single, from 1968 (decidedly different from the band's later material... more info on it on Wikipedia).

Kasabian first played Pictures... on a Dermot O'Leary session for Radio 2 earlier in the summer; this version was recorded in the band's studio. The DVD includes the full Shoot The Runner video, and also a short clip from the video rushes, for those of you interested in seeing the band coloured in and being pelted with paint...


    1. Shoot The RunnerListen
    2. Pictures of Matchstick MenListen

    1. Shoot The Runner
    2. Stay Away From The Brown Acid (Part 1)Listen
    3. Shoot The Runner (Live at 4Music)Listen
  • 10" vinyl PARADISE45

    1. Shoot The Runner
    2. Shoot the Runner (Shakes Remix)Listen
  • CD promo PARADISE42

    1. Shoot The Runner
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