Guestblog: @kasabianfancom in Brussels

The Brussels gig was so immense so we thought you needed to hear about it first hand from our fan at the front. Cue our guestblog from @kasabianfancom.

“When I decided to go from London to Brussels to watch Kasabian’s last gig of the tour I didn’t think it’d get so emotional. Firstly because this was the 8th time I was seeing them live and secondly, in all the other 7 times I had to come all the way from Brazil to the UK, so I thought a 2-hour train journey would be nothing comparing to that. Living in London made it easier indeed, but it didn’t make it no less of an adventure.

I arrived in Brussels at around noon planning to leave my bags at the hotel and join the queue at Forest National. As I was checking in there was another couple coming to the Kasabian gig and the receptionist kept asking if they were a good band. Turns out a few minutes later “Where Did All the Love Go?” was blasting out on the hotel lounge. After some transport complications I got to Forest National at 3pm. The queue system was confusing as there were 5 simultaneous queues which left us really worried about whether we’d make it to the front row despite waiting for hours. Turns out those were some pretty fun hours!

There were fans from all over the continent, people who were there for their first Kasabian gig and others who’d seen them over 20 times. Like Martyna, Amelia, Kasia and Julia from Poland who had massive flags with messages and the signatures of the friends who couldn’t come to the gig:

kasabian brussels 011

I also got to meet Natalia, the Russian fan who was responsible for ordering those Russian dolls that were given to the band in Moscow.

kasabian brussels 012

Here’s fan Michela from Italy who got to front row with her flag and got a “Thank you” from Sergio.

kasabian brussels 013

These two French fans were the first ones to arrive at Forest National at 10am. That’s 8 and half hours of queueing!




kasabian brussels 014

These three were my queue-mates. Chris Gentner (right), from Germany, has been an long time contributor to with her amazing videos and pics. She’d even brought a Kasabian Photobook with pictures she took herself.

kasabian brussels 015

After three hours and half standing under the cold and rain, it was time for our reward. We got in and me and my queue-mates made it to barrier, right in front of where Ben, Gary and Chris would be in a couple of hours. I reckon the wait between getting in and the support band is the worst one but at 8pm Little Barrie took the stage. The trio was an amazing warm-up for Kasabian. I’d even say one of the best Kasabian support acts I’ve seen (the best being Miles Kane at the O2, obviously).

After all these years being a Kasabian fan I like to compare the feeling of seeing them live as the one you get when you ride a crazy ass roller-coaster. The opening band would be the bit when you sit on the car and fasten the seat belts. When the lights go out, the car starts moving. When you see the logo banner coming up behind the drumkit, you’re going up the big ramp. When Sergio and Jay unleash the first riffs of “Days Are Forgotten”, you’re going down at 200 mph. After that comes a whole series of ups and turns and loops and lots and lots of screaming. Highlights for me were the riffs of Velociraptor and Underdog; seeing Swarfiga being played live; Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To (my favourite Kasabian song of all time, by the way) and basically the entire encore which was when I got all the bruises I’m proudly holding now. I couldn’t forget to mention the E.T. masked guy who emerged from the crowd to Tom’s great amusement. The band seemed to be in really high spirits, satisfied about finishing a long and successful tour with such an incredible crowd. At the end, Tom sang “She Loves You” with us for the last time, leaving Brussels already missing them.”