september 6, 2004, RCA

The debut Kasabian album. Includes all single releases to date, although both Processed Beats and Reason Is Treason are different versions to the limited 10" releases (PB 10" featured a demo version of the track, and the original Reason 10" featured what is now known as the Jacknife Lee version).

The 10" vinyl format used for all previous releases is preserved and, like the DVD+ format, has a luminous image of the Kasabian masked man on the front sleeve. It's a double lp in a gatefold sleeve, with 3 tracks per side (in the same order as the standard CD).

Both vinyl and DVD+ formats are limited. DVD+ is a special double sided disc; one side contains full audio album and can be played in a standard CD player, the other is a DVD containing 45mins of footage - the three promo videos, the two making-ofs plus the 10 minute film 'Field Of Dreams' piece shot at the band's Farmstock gig in May this year. ote that the disc for this format is slightly thinker than a normal DVD and thus can't be used in front loading/car stereo CD players, since it may jam.

Promo albums (PARADISE12) are in a card slipcase, and each disc is watermarked and numbered; includes the Jacknife Lee version of Reason Is Treason as a bonus track.


    1. Club FootListen
    2. Processed Beats
    3. Reason Is Treason
    4. I.D.Listen
    5. L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)Listen
    6. Running Battle
    7. Test TransmissionListen
    8. Cutt OffListen
    9. Butcher Blues
    10. U Boat

  • 10" vinyl PARADISE18

  • CD promo PARADISE12

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