NYE Re:Wired – A Ringside Seat….

By fleurb (The Glastonbury Tor Slab girl…)

So, what an amazing gig that was and what a way to kick-start 2012!

By far the favourite moment has to be the countdown. Loved how ‘I Hear Voices’ was used and then went into ‘Vlad The Impaler’, made it very special and both got great responses.

The best song of the night has to be ‘Fire’ at the end. Every single person was involved when got to sit down, the atmosphere then was just incredible!

My personal favourite songs were ‘Goodbye Kiss’ and ‘Fast Fuse’. ‘Goodbye Kiss’ is just a beautiful song and and comes across it when played live and with ‘Fast Fuse’, wow, the start to the end sounded brilliant, just love how it gave so much energy!

Hope everyone there had a great time as i did and thank you to everyone who made the gig possible : )