Postcard from Greece: Guest blog – Savrabasement

This is a guest blog review of Kasabian’s performance at the Ejekt festival in Athens from our man on the ground Savrabasement.

 Venue: Faliro Olympic Complex, Athens, Greece

I arrived at the venue around 16:30, Although I have seen Kasabian  performing live twice before, I never had the chance to live this
experience in my own country. We had gotten close in August of 2007, but unfortunately due to a huge fire in Athens, the show was cancelled just one day before!

I didn’t know what to expect this time, so I chose to get to the venue very early. Time passed quickly though, with a little help from the other bands (Wheatman, Customs, Miles Kane and James).

The moment came! Clock was pointing at 00:10 when Kasabian came on stage! First reaction? PANDEMONIUM. First song of the night “Days Are Forgotten”, the crowd instantly went crazy, followed by “Shoot The Runner”, now that’s a proper start for a gig! Third song was “Velociraptor”, by that time I felt like we were all dinosaurs on a leash! “Underdog” came next and I said to myself not a chance to stop dancing tonight!

The dream continued with “Where Did All The Love Go” Tom dedicated this song to Greece, personally I have no answer to that! Next stop, “Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To”: I think that was the only song I remember Kasabian performing live without bumping into other people! After that the air filled by a masterpiece called “I.D”. Next in row “Take Aim” and they were serious about it!

No words can describe what happened when “Club Foot” started! After that we got electrified by “Re-wired” and the EPIC “Empire”. Half of the show is gone and it felt like they had only been on stage for 15 minutes! Heatwave in the middle of the night due to Kasabian!

When you think it cannot get any hotter, “Fast Fuse” comes to tear apart the place and every single one of us is spitting out lava… As usually, it was mixed with “Misirlou”, originally a Greek song. Coming next “Goodbye Kiss” lucky for
us they were just joking cause after this, the absolute live track of Kasabian hit the floor “L.S.F”. When the song ended the boys left the stage leaving us feeling lost and singing the tune of the song over and over!

Minutes after that they came back for the encore! “Switchblade Smiles” was the first one followed by “Vlad The Impaler” and
yes, like everyone else, I believe that all my friends are sharp as razors! The Last song of the night was “Fire”. Indeed, fireworks lit in front of them! Tom started the song saying the following “You are going for a revolution right now, I understand, with all this shit that’s happening in this country but, onwards and onwards!”. Also Tom had a little surprise for us in the end, when fire ended he came on stage for one more time and sung a capella The Beatles song “she loves you Fire”.

Show is over, people are leaving the venue, maybe days are forgotten but certainly this night won’t be! No words can describe the feelings from that gig.

Speaking on behalf of the Official Greek Fan Club, I hope the lads loved us ,as much as we have loved them for so many years, and that they will return to Greece soon! Thank you Tom, Serge, Chris, Ian and last but not least Jay…

Article by: Savrabasement (Dimitris Nikolitsis)
The Basement Team