Kasabian press shots, Leicester, 26/11/13

“The Sumer Solstice. It’s the ten year anniversary of the first record, things happen for a reason. We’ve not played a gig in this town for a while, for one because there’s nowhere really to play, there’s no arenas, so it was meant to be, this is the moment that it was supposed to happen. I’m a big believer in that.

We’ve been together since 1997 so its a long time coming. We’ve been lucky to be given Victoria Park for an evening which is the centre of town. You’ll be able to hear the tunes for miles and miles around which is quite magnificent. It’s a bit of history.

This is a whole town takeover. Over the years we’ve been talking about it and it was always the ideal first choice. One big weekend did something here and it was a free gig and there was 100k people turned up and i only lived down the road. I was blown away by the want and the need for people in Leicester to go and see a show. I just thought “wow, if you build it they will come”. It was a total realisation that this town was thirsty and desperate for music and a huge event. So after seeing that, it was always like “well, that’s the place, that’s the first choice”.

There’s obviously a lot of beautiful countryside surrounding Leicester, which is amazing, but there’s a park in the centre of town dominating the city. People arriving at the station and walking up. It’s on a hill so you walk up this road and imagining thousands of people on the streets and the bars full. It has huge old gates.

If that had happened when i was 15 it would have changed my life. If i’d just learnt to play the guitar and got to see this show of people who had grown up five minutes away. If you’re a kid you’d be going “s**t man, lets start a band today, because it’s only what those cats are doing on the stage right now, they started a band at school, and now they’re doing that”. That’s why its so important. To keep real music alive as far as mates starting bands together. There’s such a need for it at the moment.

We’ll have a new record, so we’ll be playing tunes from that and we’ll be playing the massive anthems that we have. It will just be a huge celebration, you know. It will also mark the important thing will be, what’s going to happen next. It won’t be like “this is great, let’s just reminisce” it will be like f**k this is just half the story, what’s going to happen next.

I think we’ve figured out, certainly live, where we fit, what we are, the show has never been better and its going to get even better. This new record, its the best tunes i’ve ever written so far. So all that + 40k people and Solstice Day. It just adds to the significance.

Sergio x”