Sergio talks Snowbombing


Photo: Neil Bedford

As the band arrives in Munich for tonight’s gig at Backstage, Sergio looks ahead to Snowboming, Kasabian’s mountain top gig, headline set and what fans should expect from this year’s alpine festivities.

“We’re not doing many gigs this year, so why are we doing Snowbombing? It’s the lore of the mountains, the location. We’ve never done anything quite like that. Although we’re having a break, we knew we’d have to do something, we knew we’d get bored. It’s in your blood being in a band. Although you look forward to the break and you can’t wait to get back. Doing something iconic like a mountaintop gig, you can’t turn that down.

The acoustics will be amazing up there. We’re not really an acoustic band but we can do do it. I think it will be mushroom time. We’ll bring some mushrooms.??I think our set works really well with the line-up of DJs and dance acts. Those euphoric moments that you get at dance gigs, we’ve always had that at ours since the start really, so we’ve always felt really comfortable going on within that kind of line-up. I think that people who have never seen us think “wow, that gave me the same buzz that I’ve got from electronic music, but I can see humans there, doing things with instruments” which is quite amazing, so I think it has always worked really well.
See you there,
Sergio x”