Sergio: TCT and tonight’s Royal Albert Hall gig.


Photo: Neil Bedford

“There are so many amazing causes and so many people doing great things, but sometimes I its good to choose one that you can actually give time to. To say something’s more worthy than another, you can’t, there are so many great charities.

TCT has made such a big impact from the start. Meeting the kids and seeing how incredibly positive they all are, considering what life’s thrown at them which is horrendous. It’s all about these truly inspiring kids, so we’ll do whatever we can to support them.

We’ve played the albert hall twice with the Teenage cancer trust, they’re monumental shows.

It’s great playing a traditionally classical venue. The venue itself, It’s beautiful, it’s like no other place in the world. If you get the vibes right, and everyone’s on it together the crowd as well, you go to a higher state, you really do.

It’s a spiritual venue. We don’t adjust our sound and I don’t know how it sounds out front. It sounds great onstage, but god knows how it sounds out front because it’s a big drum.

See you tonight,

Sergio x”