Sergio: The Japan Interview


Sergio speaks to us on Japan and why last year’s tour was so special to the band.

“Japan has always been a special place for us because the Japanese fans were the first people outside the UK to show us love. The first people who really got us, and you never forget that.

Until last year, we hadn’t been back for a while, so it was great to go back and the crowds were incredible. We met some amazing fans, like the girls in facemasks with the ‘No Kasabian, No Life’ banner at the airport. I’d also like to give a special shout out to Ryo and Taka, my rock and roll brothers who helped me out when I was trying to find snouts. (See Japan photo gallery here)

There is this one amazing shop in Tokyo called Tokyo Hand or something. It’s great, you can dress each other up with all these crazy gadgets, I could spend the whole day there.

There’s this implement for eating crisps with which was particularly memorable. It’s a claw contraption so you don’t get your hands greasy.

We also made Table Tennis Boom Box while we in Japan. We were messing about backstage at the Yokohama Blitz and we just pressed record. It felt like the right place to experiment with our new website and the power of the internet.

Thank you Japan, I hope you like the set lists.

Sergio x”