Sergio: The Reading & Leeds interview

“The first time we ever played Reading, we were playing V as well and you’re not allowed to play both, so we changed our name to KSBN to play Reading & Leeds. If you go back through the archives or you’ve got a poster, you’ll see KSBN played that day.

We were on really early. I always remember looking at the posters thinking – I want to be one of those names, the big names at the top. I don’t want to be having to get a magnifying glass out to look for my name I want it to be top of the bill.

For us, we feel we’ve earned our stripes, done a shit load of gigs and we’re hugely honoured to be asked. I suppose we want to take our place in history because there have been some incredible shows there. Not in an arrogant way, but we want it to be good, we want people to enjoy it and we want people who were there to go ‘I was there when i saw Kasabian headline.”

Reading and Leeds is renowned for more of a rock crew, the times we’ve played Reading it’s been raucous, its a bit more dirty, the biker gang of the festivals.

See you there!

Sergio x”

If you are heading to Reading and Leeds this weekend, you might want to take this with you. We’ll tell you why soon.

Photo: Neil Bedford