Sergio: The South American Interview

Photo: Neil Bedford

Sergio speaks to us on Kasabian’s last Mexico gig and hitting level eight for the South American tour.

“Before the gig in Mexico, there definitely was a vibe, I had a feeling it was going to be good. You hear things, but it surpassed anything I thought it was going to be. It was just the crowd – there had to be 80-100k people there. The atmosphere was just incredible. It was so tight that people couldn’t mosh.

We did a signing and the fans were just really passionate about their music and they were really sweet, you know just so gracious.

The first song we played was Days Are Forgotten and it just went off. I Hear Voices was really big out there too as well as Vlad. I can’t wait to go back. In some ways I’m sad that we haven’t been there more, but there’s something amazing about us building up to this moment and arriving there and you gather this momentum. It’s super charged, I think it will be the start of us visiting south america a lot and this is the start of a story out there.

Off the back of the world tour, we’ve never been so good, we’ve found a new level. I thought there were seven levels and there’s not, there are eight levels and we’re on the eighths level. and there may even be a nine, but at the moment, we’ve found this level that makes us want to play more and more. We’ll be bringing that eighth level to South America.

See you soon,

Sergio x”