Photo: Neil Bedford.

“Velociraptor was from start to finish the quickest album. We finished touring, got back into the studio got the tunes together and then thought lets put it out and go back out on tour. It was really quick.

One of the first tunes was Velociraptor quick sort of punkish vibe. We just wanted to accumulate great songs, really melodic, really beautiful, just cool tunes, then whack it out as quick as possible. We called it a juke box record because it flies from one thing to another with no warning. It’s a crazy album, pretty diverse, in the same way that the White Album is, in that you have Rocky Racoon on the same record as Helter Skelter. I love the freedom of that. Then I thought, lets make the point of this record, that its tunes from all over. They get on there because they’re good songs. That’s it.

I suppose its different from the previous three albums. I suppose you look back on it as a melodic album.

I just felt really excited building up to the release of Velociraptor, its like I’m obsessed to the point of madness, so I’m always relieved when I get to the point where its finished because I can let go, and once its out I have a great sense of relief and I want to start the next one. And once its out I can’t do anything about it. I need that, and I also know that by the time it eventually gets to the point where its ready be put out there, I’m happy because I know I’ve done everything I can to get it to the best that it could ever be. So I never really worry about how well its going to do because I know there’s no more I can do.

I still change things as its going down, in mastering, I’m still tinkering around up until the last minute. With modern technology, you can always do things until the last minute, kind of like paintings, but you’ve also got to be careful you don’t overpaint .But you do learn things along the way

Amy got to hear it along the way, she’s always listening to bits and bobs, my dad is one of the first people I played it to, he thought it was great.”