Kasabian: Sergio Pizzorno, Hard Rock Calling.


Photo: Neil Bedford 

In Part II of the retrospective, Sergio talks us through Kasabian’s first big shows of the tour, new fans and feeling fresh and excited by the response. He also lets us in on his favourite part of the Velociraptor set.

“The Velociraptor tour started with massive arena shows for 12 or 13 dates in the UK. We did three O2 show playing to more people than we ever have. It was ridiculously big.

I think that especially live now we know who we are. I think we’ve mastered what we are. Its all you can do as a band, you need to develop your thing and what is it about you that sets you apart.

On this tour, we’ve got to a place where we do what we do like no one else has ever done. And that’s why we’re so excited about he next record, because we feel like we’ve only just found out how good we can be. And if that’s the starting point, that’s incredible. We’ve never wanted to stand still.
We’ve always felt after each album and each tour, there’s more out there. I think that’s a healthy attitude to have, rather than doing your first tour and thinking ‘that’s it forever’, getting your slippers and pipe out and just churning it out. We’ve never wanted to do that, we’ve felt so creatively fulfilled with the Velociraptor tour and the way in which the stage has evolved.

Hard rock is the starting point for us, that insane gig, the completely white stage that was the starting point for the band, in a mad sort of way.

When we kicked things off with the with the arena shows it was exciting to see see the reaction from fans. It’s such a nice feeling when you play new songs and people aren’t just waiting for the old stuff.

Because we’ve started to play such big shows in Europe and outside the UK now, we feel at home in so many places. The fans are so appreciative. They’re so into it they crave the new stuff too.

Days are forgotten was the first track we played live and then Rewired which was kind’ve special.

My favourite track to play live is La Fee Vert. In the set it stands alone. It’s like a weird Bowie song, for me I love playing that tune.

Velociraptor has been our biggest record in Europe so far, and the fans respond massively when we play it. Particularly in places like Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Poland, it just really connected. To me, I think “wow what a great place to start”. If you get into a band from the fourth album in and then look back at what we’ve done before, there are so many nice treats you can find.

To have built so many new fans from Velociraptor is such an amazing feeling. It resets you, makes you excited about the next record and makes you excited about going back. When there’s something in the air, that energy there its magic, when that’s there its weird you can feel it, it transports you back and keeps everything fresh.”

Sergio Pizzorno.