Kasabian: Hard Rock Calling 2013


Photo: Neil Bedford – Kasabian: Hard Rock Calling 2013

In the latest instalment of Sergio’s retrospective on Kasabian’s Velociraptor album, he talks influences, electronic music and raves.

“Its always been in our manifesto, I’ve always been into electronic music, first musical instrument I had was a sampler.  The rave scene in the Midlands of us growing up was an exotic illegal parties, it was really exciting and that’s what opened my ears and I thought I want to do this , then the Brit Pop thing exploded so I got a guitar. I’ve been asked about the influences behind our music a few times in interviews and I can trace it back to that. The first thing I got was a sampler, then I got a guitar and then figuring out later on that I buzz off hip hop and electronica as much as I do Rock and Roll, but nobody’s ever really combined it really well especially live. Its almost like there’s a bit of it that they don’t quite understand of either genre that makes it special, so I think, on this tour, we managed to combine that euphoria of being at a rave or a club with the energy and the passion of rock n roll and bringing that togetherness to a crowd and we managed to somehow combine the two and that’s what so special about the last tour.

There are some massive bass-lines and huge choruses on Velociraptor. I’ve always been a big fan of bringing people together and I wanted to emotionally connect with people in the sense of bringing them together all singing as one, it’s the one of the most incredible things you’ll ever do. There’s always been that element. Kasabian as an entity is about bringing people together. Giving them an incredible night and one they’ll never forget and that’s kind’ve the point.”

Sergio Pizzorno.