Watch Kasabian in 360 degrees at Brixton

Thanks to the latest in virtual reality and 360 degree sound and vision technology, you can now experience what it’s like to be on stage with Kasabian as they performed Club Foot and Stevie live from Brixton in December. Use your mouse or track pad to navigate around the video.

Please note: To experience Kasabian in 360 degrees on your phone, you will need to be running the latest operating systems for iPhone (IOS8) and Android (5.0.2 Lollipop)

  • Guest

    i can’t watch it…after a couple of seconds the video stops and
    instead appears an ad about the deluxe edition of 48:13. tried several

  • guest

    Same for me ! :-((


    Hi guys – sorry to see your having trouble. Are you using mobile devices? If so it’s best on Safari on your iOS device (must be iOS8+) or Google Chrome on your Android device.

  • kgvjhgfvkiutcfchgvcgn

    would love to see if there was much moshing for bumblebeee

  • J.F.T.

    Sorry the first couple comments are people having technical issues with this video. And not to sound like an a-hole but, worked just fine for me and I will tell you this..[drumroll]..FUCK YES!!!..That is some badass new tech. Not often do I see anything anymore that I can say’ “I’ve NEVER seen anything quite like this”.It’s what I’m sayin’.Like, mind expanding crazy perspective. Best of all, experiencing it in a live performance of one of my favorite bands. Thanks for sharing you fuckin’ studs.

  • Estefane Oy

    worked fine for me. thanks for this. i expect someday I will be part of the crowd in one of their concerts.

  • Hypernova Street

    well done mates!

  • Great 360 video and audio. Please make this available in the Google Play store for the Zeiss VR One and Google Cardboard.

  • Eva

    This is mind blowing! I am there!

  • Ark

    Is this possible to experience in an Oculus Rift?
    I have a Development Kit 2.