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Velociraptor! is a primordial beast of a record that confirms the band’s place at the top table of modern day rock’n’roll legends. Written and produced by Serge, the album was recorded in Leicester and mixed in San Francisco.

The span of PARADISE numbers across the album formats goes from 69-72, in addition to the formats shown below, PARADISE71 is HMV’s edition of the CD album, which comes with an additional slipcase.

The deluxe CD+DVD edition contains an audio CD with the regular album tracklisting, and a DVD featuring the band’s live show from the O2 Dublin on November 27th 2009; 21 tracks in total, listed in the format details below. This is sold out in most stores, though some stock is now available again in the Kasabian store.

Similarly there are some copies of the 10″ vinyl format now available in the store.



  1. Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To
  2. Days Are Forgotten
  3. Goodbye Kiss
  4. La Fée Verte
  5. Velociraptor!
  6. Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From The Storm)
  7. I Hear Voices
  8. Rewired
  9. Man Of Simple Pleasures
  10. Switchblade Smiles
  11. Neon Noon


velociraptor dvd


  1. Julie & The Moth Man (live at Dublin O2)
  2. Underdog (live at Dublin O2)
  3. Where Did All The Love Go (live at Dublin O2)
  4. Swarfiga (live at Dublin O2)
  5. Shoot The Runner (live at Dublin O2)
  6. Cutt Off (live at Dublin O2)
  7. Processed Beats (live at Dublin O2)
  8. West Ryder Silver Bullet (live at Dublin O2)
  9. Thick As Thieves (live at Dublin O2)
  10. Take Aim (live at Dublin O2)
  11. Empire (live at Dublin O2)
  12. Last Trip (In Flight) (live at Dublin O2)
  13. I.D. (live at Dublin O2)
  14. Ladies And Gentlemen (Roll The Dice) (live at Dublin O2)
  15. Fire (live at Dublin O2)
  16. Fast Fuse (live at Dublin O2)
  17. The Doberman (live at Dublin O2)
  18. Cutt Off (live at Dublin O2)
  19. Vlad The Impaler (live at Dublin O2)
  20. Stuntman (live at Dublin O2)
  21. L.S.F. (live at Dublin O2)